Ankita ‘s trip to Diu.

“I was very excited, going on a holiday, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what a holiday will feel like. Most of us in the hostel have never been away from our village, from our school, we go to play sport in other districts, but holiday is different.
The plan was to spend the night at the Ashram in Gupt Prayag, Delvada, Una and go to Diu next day. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking what the seaside will look like and how the pizza will taste.

We started from our hostel at noon after lunch. On the way to Gupt Prayag, we stopped for a drink, some snacks and a visit to a temple.
We arrived at the Ashram around 7pm. We were shown to our rooms and after refreshing ourselves, enjoyed a lovely dinner. I will always remember that night. We all laughed, sang, played group games, ate and danced until early morning.

In the morning, after breakfast we went on a tour of the grounds and enjoyed fresh coconut from the coconut farm.

Around 10 am we headed for Diu, I couldn’t hold my excitement. Before, visiting the famous historical fort and museum we had an early lunch. The fort is very big, we learnt a little bit about the Portuguese history in Diu.

After visiting the fort, we went to Nagoa Beach. We had so much fun splashing in water, eating street food and playing games on the beach.
Around 5 o’clock we went to Dinosaur park, where we saw statues of very big dinosaurs. I still can’t imagine an animal so big existed.
On our way home to Chaparda, we stopped for pizza and pani puri, pizzas were yummy. We got back to the hostel at about 1am. The next day I went to school, but didn’t learn anything as I couldn’t stop thinking about the trip. Most of us have never been away from our village. This was a treat I know I will never forget, I had two fun filled days.”