“One of the most effective ways to lower population growth and reduce poverty is to provide adequate education for both girls and boys.” (Earth Policy Institute, 2011)

We’ve seen first-hand how girls in rural India draw the short straw when it comes to work, education – and even food.

When opportunities arise, boys are favoured, while girls receive little or no education and are far more likely to drop out of school young.

Many are then forced into manual labour or early marriages, and are at risk of violence, abuse and death in childbirth.

Without education, girls have little hope of improving their situation and remain trapped in the same cycle as their mothers.

But educated girls tend to marry later and have fewer children, who are themselves more likely to survive.

Educated women can protect themselves and their families from diseases; be involved in social, political and economic decision-making; and contribute to economic growth.

They send a message of hope and possibility to the next generation.

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Watch this short clip to see the daily activities enjoyed by Mukti Trust girls.