Many survivors of the 2015 Nepal earthquake lost not only family members, but their home and all of their possessions.

After the deadly earthquake in April and May 2015, monsoon season came early. Families who had thin tarps and makeshift tents were forced out of their shelter.

Mukti Trust undertook to contribute towards building ten homes for families with girl child in Dungana Gav 5km away from Naglebhare. One off additional donation was raised to house earthquake victims in semi-permanent homes.
The homes were built in conjunction with BET India who oversaw the building project.

Each house size is 20ft by 18ft, built on cement and concrete foundation and a brick wall one-foot high. The materials used are colour coated 22-gauge iron sheets. Brick built toilet and bathrooms are attached to the house.

The families with girl child occupied their new home before the cold freezing winter set in.